About Us

Our Mission

Alpha Health Foundation (AHF) was established with a mission to make a positive difference in people's lives by creating the healthy community.

We aim to make qualitative and measurable differences in the health and well being of individuals and families, and as an organization, we pledge to work toward this goal with superior transparency, responsiveness, accessibility and fairness.


  • To increase awareness in Health care with special reference to diabetes, thyroid, obesity and endocrinology on par with international standards among Indian citizens.
  • To introduce modern trends in diagnosis and management of various ailments with special reference to diabetes, thyroid, obesity and endocrinology.
  • To conduct various activities pertaining to basic science, clinical medicine and community studies.
  • To conduct free Medical treatments and camp activities.
  • To educate the general public and professional on the various aspects of health care.
  • To improve public health both preventive and curative.
  • To provide facilities for applied nutrition and childcare.
  • To promote family welfare, personal hygiene and environmental sanitation.
  • To organize relief in times of emergency and on general social distress such as floods, famines, epidemics, cyclone fire and other disasters which hinders development.
  • To start and run educational institutions, both academic and technical studies.
  • To establish and run health centers, health care programs and hospitals in order to attend the preventive and curative health needs of the people.
  • To collaborate with Government and other voluntary agencies to achieve the above objectives.